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Our Spa


Aster Blue Spa is a privately owned business that began with the intention of making Massage and Float therapy a more affordable way to find rest and recovery.

No sales pitch to start or end your appointment, memberships are an option, not required. Our Spa believes in the benefits of Massage and the value of a Massage Therapist. Providing packages built for the customers' needs allows the freedom of choosing what you want, when you want it. No need to be worried about hidden additional costs or unexpected monthly withdrawals. 

Not only affordable, our Spa provides accessibility to indulge in self care. Taking time to provide self care for ourselves is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Aster Blue Spa combined Float Pod Therapy with Massage Therapy to encourage balance. It is the most purposeful way to ease your body into a restorative state.  

Both Float and Massage Therapy break up tension in our muscles, release toxins and increase circulation. Whether you float or massage first, combining these 2 modalities may leave you walking on clouds!

Aster Blue Spa will truly be your staycation destination.

Aster Blue Spa began small in making our big dream come true. We understand Floating is new to many people and most definitely newer to our area. As our community's interest in our Spa grows, we will be happy to grow too!



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