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What is Floating?

Flotation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), also known as Sensory Deprivation, is a wonderful outlet to decrease tension, reduce stress and find yourself again. 

In a room all to yourself with a built in shower, music and lights at your fingertips and an egg shaped 6 foot tall pod, you can find solitude, relaxation and comfort.


After showering, you enter the pod that contains approximately a foot of water, skin temperature with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt. The texture of the water is oily, the pod walls are salty and the scent is unusual. As you sit down, close the pod lid (if you wish) and lie back, you have no choice but to Float. That's it. You can stretch, find a position that is most comfortable for you, turn on music, choose a light color or turn everything off and bask in the quiet. 

Shutting out external stimuli and having a moment controlling everything you see, hear and feel is extremely empowering. Not to mention all of the health benefits that come naturally with just the Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) alone. 

Floating has helped many people relax, rejuvenate and recover.

Are you ready to try it and feel the difference? 

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Benefits of Floatation-REST

Epsom salt alone has a long history of providing relief from muscle tension, headaches, soreness and pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Epsom Salt also moisturizes skin; decreases inflammation and pain in muscles and joints; increases magnesium levels to help maintain normal nerve and muscle function; keeps the heartbeat steady and helps bones remain strong; eliminates toxins; resets hormonal and metabolic balance allowing your body to recover from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercise; rejuvenates cells for quicker recovery and helps with constipation.

Add 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt to skin temperature water, close out all stimuli and voila! You have the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation!


Studies have shown that Float Therapy lowers cortisol levels to assist in de-stressing our minds and bodies as well as improve sleep quality, decrease aches/pains and improves not only relationships with the people around us but also provides a time to better understand ourselves. 

Float Therapy isn't just a de-clutterization of outside stimuli, it also allows our bodies to reset so we can focus on our strengths instead of constantly battling our minor aches and pains.

“The magnesium in Epsom salts has a natural healing effect on the body, alleviating sports injuries, assisting with muscle aches and spasms, soothing nerves, assisting digestion and preventing migraines." 

"Other benefits include improved heart health, increase in energy and regulation of calcium, sodium and potassium levels. Research has found that the tanks are wonderful for treating insomnia and for total and deep relaxation. Floaters find that they sleep better, have relief from minor to chronic pain, and are calmer and more mindful."

"The tanks have been known to treat stress, anxiety and PTSD. Other benefits include improved mood, reduced inflammation, better problem solving abilities and creativity.”

"Clinical research investigating Floatation-REST, although limited, has reported largely beneficial effects across a range of different stress- and pain-related conditions, including: hypertension, chronic tension headaches, chronic muscle tension pain in the back and neck, and stress-related pain with “burnout depression”. Thus far there have been several Floatation-REST studies focused on individuals with clinical anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, agoraphobia, and social anxiety disorder, with many patients presenting with co-morbid major depressive disorder. The evidence published thus far suggests that Floatation-REST is a safe and effective technique for the rapid reduction of stress, pain, and anxiety. Clinical trials are currently underway in America, Germany, and Sweden investigating the long-term impact of floating in patients with anxiety disorders, anorexia nervosa, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and insomnia. As the evidence base continues to grow, we will continue to update this repository of peer-reviewed publications studying the clinical effects of Floatation-REST." Quoted from the Publication page on

For More information on research completed in support of Float-REST, please visit:

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