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First time float

Before your Float Therapy appointment, it is recommended to stay hydrated. Be sure to eat about an hour/hour and a half before your appointment, something filling but light on your belly. 

It is not recommended to shave prior to your appointment, or the day of if you can help it, unless you shaved in the morning and are Floating at night. This can make your experience uncomfortable. 

Amenities included with Float Pod Therapy include: Robe & flip flops (if needed when going to/from another service) , towel, washcloth, ear plugs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shower and petroleum (to cover any minor scrapes/cuts). It is up to each individual to take caution to prevent slipping or falling as floor surfaces may be wet. 

Alexa (Amazon Echo) is also provided with optional set playlists if you prefer music during your float. You may also create your own playlist as well. 

Due to COVID-19, we have removed these below accommodations until further notice.

A blow dryer, Q-tips and hand lotion are provided to use outside of the Float Room.

Essentials to bring if needed for after your Float include: Brush/comb, hair products, makeup, face lotions, deodorant, & any other preferred items. 


-I have not showered thoroughly and removed all oils, makeup and creams from my body.
-I have had any type of hair color/treatment in the last 72 hours or new tattoos within the past 10 days.
-I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
-I have a communicable or infectious skin condition/disorder/disease, or any open sores.
-I am a diabetic, unless it is under medical control.
-I have a history of heart trouble, epilepsy, seizures/blackouts and have not received my Dr.'s permission to use the Float Pod.
-I have kidney disease.
-I have incontinence or voluntary/involuntary release of bodily fluids of any kind.

I understand the Float Pod is NOT drained between each use and will be inspected after every float.The facility and Float Pod are cleaned, filtered and sanitized between each use. A violation of any of these above mentioned rules that results in contamination of the Float Pod may result in a $500 fine for draining and salt replacement.


  1. Shape silicone ear plugs into ears.

  2. Shower to remove all oils, creams, makeup, & any hair products, no conditioner needed before you go in to the pod.

  3. Dry your face and be sure to not touch your eyes once you enter the pod.

  4. Step into pod carefully, your choice to leave pod opened or closed, it is recommended to close it, as it will keep the heat in.

  5. Gain comfort in the water, allow the salt to carry you and the warm water to embrace you. Don’t be afraid to adjust your position until you find a comfortable spot, feel free to stretch, move around until you find comfort in the pod. The water will move you around, don’t be alarmed if you suddenly touch the side of the pod.  

  6. The front desk will notify you with a 5 minute closing time, then again when your time is up. Please feel free to play your own music during your float. Alexa is provided with Pandora playlist options as well.

  7. When your float time is up, be sure to tilt your head back to wipe any salt water from your face before sitting up.

  8. Open the pod door and exit the pod carefully as floors may still be wet from your shower. Please close the pod lid door upon exiting. 

  9. Shower again removing the excess salt from your skin and hair. Should you decide beach wavy hair will work, no need for shampooing a second time, only rinse.

  10. Towel dry and redress!


There is a small area outside of the bathroom and pod room to reapply makeup/blow dry hair (touch ups and dry offs only, please don’t take longer than 10 minutes).

Aster Blue is a home away from home, please treat amenities kindly. **DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, these amenities have been discontinued until further notice.**

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