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I showered at home, right before I came here, do I have to shower again? Yes, it is required to shower AT Aster Blue Spa prior to your Float, whether you've showered right before coming or not. We are keen on protecting the integrity of the Float water. Any additional unwanted oils can alter the state of the Float water and make it difficult to be kept at its highest running potential. We understand it could be a nuisance for you, which is why we provide all products, however it is for the best interest of the Float and our business to shower here prior to your Float.  

How many Float Pods do you have? We currently have 1 Float Pod.

Can the Float Pod fit more than one person at a time? Sadly, no. Only 1 person at a time is permitted in the Float pod however we are currently looking into the logistics of Floating with a friend/partner!

Am I Floating for a full 60 minutes? We recommend that you limit your shower prior to floating to 5 minutes in order to have maximum amount of time in the float. Then float for 50 minutes, and shower again for your final 5 minutes.

How is the Float Pod kept clean? The Float Pod has a built in filtration system, similar to a pool/hot tub. It is filtered through 4-5 times between each float with the help of Ultraviolet light. In addition to UV, the high salt concentration and spa grade Hydrogen Peroxide sanitize the Float Pod thoroughly everyday and between each float making it clean and safe for all. 


Is Floating safe for moms to be? Absolutely, it is always recommended after the first trimester. Water temperature is set at body temperature, 94.4 degrees, comfortable and safe for both babies and moms. Please discuss any concerns with your doctor before booking an appointment.


Can children Float? As long as children are comfortable to Float they are welcome, any child under the age of 18 will need parental consent. The parent is also welcome and encouraged to sit in the Float Room while their child is Floating.  

I am claustrophobic, how can I Float in a small space? The Float pod is larger than it appears, there is much more space than being in a tanning bed. The lights in the Float room are on a timer as well as a motion sensor, they will go out to give you the closed lid effect should you choose to leave the Pod lid open, however the water will cool quicker. It is always the customer's preference whether the lid stays opened or closed. The Pod is not airtight so you will always have enough circulating air. You are in control of the lid, the lights in the Float Pod itself and the music. You can exit the pod freely if you become overwhelmed, to take a time out and get back in when you're comfortable. The Float Room is your private area for the hour, you are in full control of how you Float. There is also an intercom to speak to the front desk if you have any questions/concerns during your Float. 

What should I wear to Float? It is at your comfort level, you will be showering before and after your Float, if you prefer to wear a bathing suit, please feel free to bring it with you. If not, Floating in the nude is completely acceptable. 

Can I drown in the Float Pod if I fall asleep? You become very buoyant with 900 pounds of Epsom Salt, making it very difficult to have any body part sink below the water line.  You would have to make a conscious effort to move to your side or stomach making it extremely unlikely to drown in the Float Pod. 

I get motion sickness, will Floating affect me? Everyone is different, if you can float in a pool/ocean, chances are you will not get motion sickness. If you have more significant sensitivities to motion sickness, especially with your eyes closed, it may be better to try a shorter Float time or keeping the light on in the pod to keep a visual contact on your surroundings. People have experienced nausea from the unusual weightlessness they experience, this is also common. First time Floaters may want to keep the music playing to keep focus on something as well.


Nausea or dizziness in the Float can also be from dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water before your Float Therapy appointment!

Don't see your question on here? Submit your question and we will be happy to answer you and add it to our page! 

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