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What are our clients saying about us?

Thank you to all of our amazing costumers for leaving us such kind reviews, we truly appreciate you! 

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"I had knee replacement surgery 7 weeks ago. As soon as the doctor allowed, 

 I was in the pod for a float. As of yesterday, I have done three.

Each time not only were the muscles feeling better, there was a noticeable decrease in the swelling in my leg. 

I think this is an excellent way to both relax and promote healing and overall health.

 I would personally recommend this to any one who has had knee replacement surgery."


--Arthur J S


"Wonderful! This place is the best! The staff is friendly and the place is clean and calming."

Leah T

"Absolutely AMAZING!!! All my stress and worries go away after a massage from Leah!"


"The spa is beautifully done and very clean. My first time ever floating and I loved it."

Float Therapy

"If you have stress definitely do this therapy. It just melts away and not only do you relax your skin it so soft and smooth. Membership is already in the books!!!"


"Looking forward to my next visit and trying the float pod!"


"Owner is friendly and really loves the customers. It’s super clean and the staff is amazing. Whether it’s a float or a massage they are all outstanding."

"I truly enjoyed the professional message and my son enjoyed the Float Therapy Pod. Highly recommend Aster Blue Spa."

"Love! Love! Love! This place is relaxing, friendly, professional, and reasonably priced. Massage & float therapy all in the same place!"

"I experienced the float pod for the first time today. I opted for 30 min because I was worried about turning my mind off and being antsy. I could have easily stayed for 60 and immediately booked a 60 min follow up. The spa is outstanding. Incredibly professional, clean, and relaxing. Tracey is so knowledgeable and wonderful at what she does. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment here."

"Such a relaxing environment and it is extremely clean. The owner, Tracy, is super nice and puts me into a coma during a massage. Hence why I have gone back about 4 times now.... highly recommend for de stressing"

"Soo relaxing! Tracy has amazing hands and keeps a clean and beautiful facility. Cant wait for my next massage & Float!"

"Tracy was amazing! One of the best massages I have ever had. Really enjoyed it! Highly recommend this place, it’s warm, friendly, clean & relaxing."

"Tracy was amazing! She truly went above and beyond during my massage! 100% recommended and can’t wait to go back!"

"I had an appointment today for my first ever float this afternoon and it was amazing and relaxing! I had sore muscles from working out like a maniac prior to the appointment and they are gone now! You choose if you want music or not with Alexa, whether you want lights or not, different color lights, etc. so many options to make it customizable. They keep the place sparkly clean and the decor was really nice! Can’t wait for my next float in May!"

"Everything about it is amazing! The decor, the cleanliness the people! You will not regret a minute..or 90. Tracy was AMAZING! She will tell you where you have knots and work every kink! I have already told others and I will DEFINITELY be back!! Great place."

"I enjoyed my experience at Aster Blue. At first I was a bit overwhelmed in the float pod. But once I opened the lid a crack and put the soft blue light on inside the pod I was able to relax and truly enjoy my float."

"Just had a very nice experience here. The atmosphere was lovely and the massage was one of the best I have had. Tracy was great!"

"I visited the spa for the first time and a 90min massage with Tracy. I've had plenty of massages in the past but I've never felt so relaxed or had my mind shut off. I think I even fell asleep for a short time! Definitely a great experience and will be back!"

"Just has a 90 minute massage and aromatherapy session and it was awesome. The facilitate are spotless and the staff is very friendly. Tracy clearly is skilled as she found and worked out all my kinks, I’ll definitely be back for another massage and will have to try the float pod, great place!"

"Amazing experience!! My massage was one of the best I’ve ever had — will definitely be back!! Thank you!!"

"The floatation pod was incredible and the staff were so courteous and helpful. It's a lovely place!"

"Went for a float for the 1st time! Have to say it was pretty cool! And felt soooo good afterwards! Love that the place is super clean! Definitely would recommend this to anyone! And will be going back again!"

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